Anything Goes FAQ's

Is the staff really made-up of professional performers/directors?

Yes. We are committed to staffing the Ovation Theatre with only working professional performers who are also great teachers!  This ensures that cast members learn from individuals who have extensive real-world experience on the stage, which they can then apply in their own performances.  Our directors also serve as mentors and tutors, helping students make real their artistic dreams. 

  • Past and current instructors / choreographers have performed leading roles all over the world.

Do Ovation Theatre’s productions get adjudicated by National Youth Arts (NYA)?

Yes. OT invites judges from NYA to all of its shows. We have won many awards, including “Outstanding Production,” “Direction”, “Best Actor/Actress in a Musical”, and many more. The award ceremony is a great way to share with the rest of the performing arts community and celebrate OT’s shows at the end of the season.

Are there roles for both younger as well as older performers?

ANYTHING GOES has many performance opportunities and roles available to both young and older performers. Please refer to the cast list and descriptions for the show on our website.

What is the age range suggested for auditioning?

ANYTHING GOES will be open to the community for performers aged 8 - Adult. 

*Families are welcome to audition together. Parents cast with their children are not required to pay a complete production fee.  

Is there a fee to be in the production?

Yes. The production fee for ANYTHING GOES is $325.00 per cast member.   The production fee also includes a show t-shirt.  Our production of ANYTHING GOES will be produced in the David H. Thompson Performing Arts Center at LCC. (Sibling discounts, family discounts, and payment options are available on request.  Please talk to us about our payment plans.) 

The production fee helps to defray the costs of:

  • Securing the rights and licensing for the show
  • Paying the rental fees for the theater, rehearsal venues, professional technical staff, as well as lighting and sound staff
  • Paying for the creation and and rental of professional sets and costumes.
  • Covering engagement fees for our professional directors/choreographers.

Do you have sibling discounts for productions?

Yes, we have a discount system in place for one sibling and multiple siblings.  Ask us how it works.

If I have conflicts, should I still audition?

Yes.  Let us decide if you have too many conflicts.  If we see that there are conflicts that don’t work with our schedule, we will tell you and you can then make the decision if it’s right for you. We allow a certain number of conflicts during our rehearsal period.  We have a section on our audition form that asks specifically for any conflicts you might have.  After a specified date, closer to production time, we don’t allow any more conflicts.

What happens if I have too many conflicts?

If you have too many conflicts for our rehearsal period, then it might be impossible to cast you in our show.  Every cast member is vitally important to us in our shows, and if you miss too many rehearsals, then most likely you will miss important choreography, blocking, etc. that is too difficult to repeat during our rehearsal period.

What do I need to do to arrange an audition? 

Our link to audition information will be on the the ANYTHING GOES page of our website. Sign up for a time, read the information, and audition!

What do I need to prepare?  

All singers/actors should prepare and memorize a one-minute version of a song from a musical as well as a short monologue.  Please no acapella (unaccompanied) singing.

I feel that I'm an okay singer but not a very good dancer at all (or vice versa) - should I audition anyway?

Yes! Come and audition and let us decide what the best fit is for you.  This is also an opportunity for you to learn new skills and develop as a performer.  Many students come away from our shows having learned completely new skills.  They come in oftentimes thinking they’re a singer, and leave knowing they can dance!

Do I have to be able to dance well?

No.  We can teach you.  Dance training is a good bonus, but not required. 

What if I don't have a one-minute song prepared?

Write or call us with your concern. We can help you think of a song that you might be able to learn in a short amount of time.  

What if I don’t know how to find an appropriate monologue for my audition?

We sometimes post a few sample monologues for students on our website. If you don’t have one of your own, you can print one of ours on the website and bring it to your audition.

Do you double cast your shows?

We will not double cast roles in ANYTHING GOES.

Do I have to be at every rehearsal that is on the schedule?

Although we ask for a commitment to our schedule and every date we have on it, you will absolutely not be called for every rehearsal.  There will be many times when we will only work with a few people on specific scenes, and the rest of the cast will not be called for that rehearsal.  We communicate with the cast every week to keep them notified of rehearsals they do and don’t need to attend.  

When can I sign up for an audition time?

Sign ups will be available on our website Tuesday, October 17th.

Does everyone get cast?

We can’t always cast everyone who auditions.  Because of space limitations in our theatre and in our rehearsal venue, we have to limit our cast member numbers for each show.  

What's the MOST important thing for me to remember if I receive a callback?

You have nothing to lose in a callback and everything to gain in a callback.  Don’t hold back! Show us your best. This is your chance to shine and have fun.  Ask questions if you don’t understand what is wanted from you, and leave the callback saying to yourself, “ I did my best! That’s all I can ask of myself. The rest is out of my hands!”

If I don’t get called back for the show, does that mean I won’t be in the cast.

No, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not cast.  We are calling performers back for specific roles that we have some question about in regards to casting.  We simply may not need to see you again for additional audition time.

Why shouldn’t I take it personally if I’m not cast for the role I auditioned for?

There are so many factors that go into casting a show.  Doing an excellent audition doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive the specific role you want.  We have to look at the big picture and determine how the entire cast fits with one another in the casting of our shows.  

When are rehearsals?

Each production rehearsal schedule is different.   A complete rehearsal schedule is available on our website. We will rehearse weekday evenings and some Saturday and Sunday afternoons. 

How organized is the rehearsal schedule?

We do our best to only call you when you are needed.  We try to rehearse the bigger scenes or musical numbers first, so that more people can be released in a timely manner.  There are times when it will take longer than expected for us to get to, or through, a particular scene or musical number.  The result is that there may be some extra time involved.  This is part of rehearsal and theater.

Do I have to be enrolled in a class to be in a show?


Are there backstage opportunities for students who would rather not perform but want to be involved?

Yes!  Please talk to us.  We have many needs and opportunities available for stage manager’s assistants, backstage crew, and general technical assistants for the show.  Many of our volunteers/student interns accumulate many volunteer hours doing our shows!

If my child is cast, do I still need to buy tickets?

Yes, you will still need to buy tickets.  As with the vast majority of theaters, the ticket sales help to defray costs associated with the production.

Are parents required to volunteer?

Yes, we require some volunteerism from our parents.  We ask that parents volunteer on a committee during one of the shows.  The details will be outlined in our audition packet (available on our website in early April).

Are performers required to sell a certain number of tickets?

No, performers are not required to sell a quota of tickets.   However, we strongly encourage cast members to try to sell as many tickets as they can to the show.  

Who is allowed backstage?

Only trained and authorized staff will be allowed to be backstage.  No visitors will be allowed to remain backstage, or tour the backstage without a member of the staff with them.

What is the atmosphere of rehearsals / productions?

We try to keep a positive rehearsal atmosphere while, at the same time, work really hard with students to begin to create and understand the show.  In theater, there are times for play and times for work.  When we rehearse, we work hard with energy and focus with no "messing around." When we decide to play, we play full out and have a lot of fun!  We believe that theater should be a fun and a creative experience for our students, while also providing tremendous growth opportunities.   

We believe that the real fun comes when cast members work hard, and bring to life a piece of theatre they can really be proud of.  They can always look back and say that they learned so much from the experience.   

The end result of all of our endeavors with the cast and crew is the achievement of telling a good story through music, dancing and acting.   This incredible process enriches the lives of the people who are creating the art as well as the people who come and see performances.  When the show blossoms and lives, then all the work is worth it!  Our cast members leave our productions feeling proud of what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish.  They make good, lasting friendships, learn so much more about theatre and life, and want to come back for more! 

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